Apply for Housing

To apply for housing with Inclusion Homes, you must print and complete the application form below, and provide all the required supporting documentation. 

Before you start your application, please review our eligibility requirements (click here). We also encourage you to look at our Tenants page to learn more about living at Inclusion Homes (click here).

Please make sure you are eligible to apply before starting your application. You can review eligibility requirements here.

Application Process

Application Form and Supporting Documents

Review the application form carefully before submitting. Make sure to complete all areas of the form. 

Submitting your Application

Review the application form carefully before submitting. Make sure to complete all areas of the form and include all supporting documentation. 

Submit your application by email:

or by posted mail care of inclusion Powell River:

#201-4675 Marine Ave.
Powell River, BC
V8A 2L2

If you need assistance completing your forms, confirming your eligibility, or to discuss your application, please contact us at, or 604-485-6411 ext. 204. 

Next Steps

Applications are reviewed based on the order they are received by Inclusion Homes.

You will receive a letter within 8 weeks confirming whether your are eligible. If so, you will be added to our waitlist. 

Any applications are reviewed on a first-come first-served basis.

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, you will be added to the waitlist. 

  • Our waitlist is a numbered, first-come first-served system
  • Applications are assessed individually
  • Once on the waitlist, housing is based on availability and time on waitlist
  • We are unable to tell you when a unit may be offered to you

When a unit becomes available we will contact the first appropriate applicant on the waitlist, taking into consideration unit size, pets, accessibility, etc.

Please note, you must renew your application yearly to remain on the waitlist.

We will assess your application and confirm your eligibility for housing shortly after receiving your application, but are unable to tell you when we will have a unit available for you.

Below are some factors that could affect how long you wait until we have a unit available for you.

  • Incomplete or incorrect information – Applicants must provide all required information and documentation in order to be considered for housing
  • Pets – Pets are limited to the first two floors of the building. If you wish to live with a pet you may have to wait longer for an available unit. For more information visit the Pet section on our Tenant page.
  • Accessibility

We expect your life and living circumstances to change from the time of your original application for housing. When this happens, you must update your application with new information and documentation, using the Application Information Update Form. 

Click here to access or download the Application Information Update Form.

You’ll need to submit this form when any of the following change:

  • Phone number – we need to be able to contact you by telephone
  • Address – If you have moved to a new residence, update your application with the new address information
  • Family size – if the number of people in your household has increased or decreased be sure to let us know
  • Income – if your income has changed, please update your application with new proof of income

Changes can be submitted via email to Or, you can drop off or mail your documentation to:

Inclusion Homes
c/o #201 – 4675 Marine Ave.
Powell River, BC
V8A 2L2

Please contact us at, or 604-485-6411 ext.204  for more information about updating your application.

If you want to remain on the waiting list, you must renew your application every 12 months by directly contacting Inclusion Homes at, or 604-485-6411 ext. 204

You simply have to provide your name, current phone number, or file number, and your application will remain active for another year.

It is your responsibility to renew your application. Inclusion Homes is unable to contact applicants to let them know their application has expired, and is not responsible for out-of-date applications.