Are you eligible for affordable rental housing?

Low-market housing is for low-to-moderate income individuals and families. The rent is equal to or lower than market level rents.

Eligibility for low-market rental housing is based on your income level, and depends on the size of the unit you will be renting.

Unit sizes are determined by the National Occupancy Standards (click here for details):

  • No more than two and no less than one person per bedroom
  • Spouses and couples share a bedroom
  • Parents do not share a bedroom with their children
  • Dependents (e.g., children) aged eighteen or over do not share a bedroom
  • Dependents (e.g., children) of the opposite sex age five or over do not share a bedroom

Income Limits

Your income must be within the Housing Income Limits listed below for your unit size. Please use your income before taxes (gross income).

Unit SizeAnnual Household Income Limit

If you meet the Housing Income Limits and would like to apply, please visit our Apply for Housing page for more information, and to download the required documentation.

Additional Housing Resources

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